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Volunteer Rewards Card

Volunteering Sunshine Coast is proudly premiering a new rewards card program to show appreciation for the thousands of volunteers on the coast who give their time freely for the benefit of others. The purpose of the program is to:

  • Champion the work of volunteers in the wider community
  • Increase the number of volunteers servicing the Sunshine Coast
  • Highlight, market and promote small businesses who join the program
  • Provide discounts and incentives to volunteers to support registered business partners.

How do I get the card?

Not-for-profit organisations and services providers who are financial members of ours apply to participate in the program on behalf of their volunteers. To be eligible, you must have volunteered with one of our member organisations for a minimum five hours per week for at least three consecutive months. Applications for the rewards card and its administration and distribution is the responsibility of VSC member organisations who undertake to carry out the distribution, monitoring and collection of rewards cards as per its agreement with VSC. The rewards card is valid for one financial year and is renewed automatically unless the business partner advises otherwise in writing.

Get involved

Register online

Register via email

Return the completed application form to:

Register by mail

Contact Volunteering Sunshine Coast requesting documentation be forwarded to your organisation. Return the completed application form to PO box 6387 Maroochydore BC 4558.